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Since Mar 2010

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Workout

Day 1- Find the Workout You Like- What's not to like about Zumba? You can be the star of the show or you can do your own thing . Different songs with different moves bring an all around workout with nothing to be bored about!  Finding the right workout for you can literally make or break your fitness success!

What Zumba Has Done for Me
    I started out wanting to lose weight for my son's wedding. Little did I know what that decision would set in motion for me. 
       After my first class, I was hooked! I worked with a Zumba instructor and became certified to teach Zumba. Over 5 years of teaching , I have lost 70 pounds, lowered my blood pressure, avoided medication, lowered my cholesterol and feel more fit than I ever have in my life.
      Its important to note that it didn't happen all at the same time , but with Zumba it has been a fun and enjoyable way to become and stay healthy.
    I am so glad that I found such a great way to keep my body active and healthy . I know it will do the same for you!

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